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Why You Need A Business Website

You Absolutely Do Need A Website and here’s why…

Reason #1: Your Website is the FACE of  Your Brand and/or Company Online

Just like a brochure your website will allow you to showcase your services and products online. Chances are your customers are already online and they’ve probably already tried to find you. If your business sells physical products, offering the convenience of ordering from you online will produce additional sales for you. Additionally, for service based businesses 85% of people are now conducting their own research about a company, product, or service before they make a decision to buy.  If your site is not online you are drastically reducing your opportunity to sell to the large amount of people who are searching the internet right now.

Reason #2: Build Credibility

Not only do customers expect you to have a website, but businesses do too. Would you like to take out a business loan? One of the questions underwriters will ask is, what is the url of your website. Your website will help them make a determination about your company. In the same manner, when you don’t have a website to build trust with possible customers, they are more likely to do business with a company that does have  a website. Your website will help you foster instant credibility and close more sales.

Reason #3: 24/7 Convenience

You Need a Website

Your website is accessible online 24 hours per day, 7 days per week! Even when the doors are closed on your brick and mortar business (unless you run an establishment that is 24 hours) your website is open for business. Allow customers to still make purchases, book appointments, and contact you via email.

Reason #4: Use Your Website to Get More Leads

You can encourage people to leave their name, phone number and email addresss for you to contact them about your services. You can also build an online newsletter and build a subscriber base that you can market to over time.

Reason #5:  Be Found By Mobile Searchers

More than 50% of online searches are performed by people from their smartphones or other mobile device. Having a mobile friendly website designed will allow people to “click-to-call” you to place an order, make a purchase over the phone, schedule or ask questions. Having a website can also make valuable information like your phone number or directions to your location easy to find to people who are out shopping or away from home.

Types of Websites

Online Brochure Websites

An online brochure website is similar to a printed brochure or business card. This type of website is great for positioning your business as a credible business and leader in your market. Brochure websites will typically have a home page, about page, services page, and contact page.

Portfolio Website

A portofolio website can be an extended form of a brochure website or a stand alone online portfolio that showcases your work. This is a great type of website for businesses that provide services that have aesthetic impact or artistic ability. For example:

  • hair stylists
  • landscapers
  • window installers
  • awning business
  • photographers
  • graphic designers
  • cake makers
  • garage door installers
  • and more..

Ecommerce Websites

An ecommerce site is an online shop. This type of site is great for stores that sell physical products. It allows customers to order your products straight from the website and have them shipped to their desired location. You can set up an ecommerce site to work with various payment gateways and shopping carts, including Paypal and Square.

A Blog Website

A blog can actually be added to any other type of website. It’s a great way to keep your customers and followers updated on changes, new services, and news related to your business. Blogging regularly can improve your search engine rankings and give you more opportunities to rank for additional keywords in the search engines.

The positive benefits of having a website far outweigh the reasons why a company would opt not to have a one built.  It is a necessary business expense that will amount to more sales added to your bottom line. Plus add in the convenience of being able to say this when someone asks about your business, “You can visit my website. It’s….”.  No need for business cards or print media when you have the digital face of your business working for you around the clock.

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