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No More Voting On Facebook?

In 2009 Facebook began allowing its users to vote on major changes that it proposes to the way it manages things like privacy and our information. If 30% of the FB community voted against a proposed change Facebook would not incorporate it into its policies.

However, digital voting on Facebook may be coming to an end.  According to the CNN article  The end of digital democracy? Facebook wants to take away your right to vote by John D. Sutter, Facebook has proposed to take away its users’ right to vote on major issues concerning how it governs its 1 billion-member social network.  Read the full article here.

With that being said.. my policy on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.. if you share any part of yourself or your life online, make sure you are keeping up as best as you can.  Social networks are constantly evolving just like technology.

A Few Tips To Help You Keep Up

If you don’t visit the social media sites don’t expect to know when something new is up.  So tip #1 would be to visit the social media sites. If you are no longer an active user, but still keep a profile, a visit every couple of months should be okay.  Check out your privacy and account settings and make sure that they are correct according to your preference.

When you visit a site, like FB and the look and feel has changed spend some time exploring it to get a grasp on all the changes that have taken effect.

Pay attention to what other people are saying about changes that may affect the social networks.

And lastly, what I like to do just to be sure what is “private” and for friends is in fact private and for friends..I open up another browser like FireFox, since I normally browse the web using Chrome, and from there pull up my profile while I’m not signed in.   This way I can see what the rest of the world sees.

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