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Google To Penalize PPC Advertisers If No Mobile Friendly Website!

In the article ‘Google Pushers Mobile Optimization To Drive Search‘ by Google Product Manager, David Nachum, we learn that Google in its efforts to give mobile device users a more user friendly experience will begin penalizing advertisers if their website is not optimized for mobile devices. So what does that mean? In a nutshell, if you are advertising using Pay Per Click and you do not have a mobile website, you will pay more and your competitors who have a mobile website will out perform you! And let’s not forget those old dinosaur websites that were designed in 1999 and have not been updated since … If that’s you, whether you are interested in mobile or not, it’s definitely time for an upgrade to a more modern look. Don’t let poor performing site design happen to you.  Getting a mobile optimized version of your website is not hard to do

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No More Voting On Facebook?

In 2009 Facebook began allowing its users to vote on major changes that it proposes to the way it manages things like privacy and our information. If 30% of the FB community voted against a proposed change Facebook would not incorporate it into its policies. However, digital voting on Facebook may be coming to an end.  According to the CNN article  The end of digital democracy? Facebook wants to take away your right to vote by John D. Sutter, Facebook has proposed to take away its users’ right to vote on major issues concerning how it governs its 1 billion-member social network.  Read the full article here. With that being said.. my policy on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.. if you share any part of yourself or your life online, make sure you are keeping up as best as you can.  Social networks are constantly evolving just like technology. A Few Tips To

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Web Design Project – Brian Choper

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